List of PhD theses related to "Management and Society" from 2011 to 2016 :


  • BAUDOT, Lisa (supervised by Professor Chrystelle Richard and Professor Marie-Laure Djelic): "A Study Of The US GAAP – IFRS Convergence Process: Institutions and Institutionalization in Global Accounting Change"

--- In Progress

  • SOPT, Joanne (supervised by Professor Charles H. Cho): "Bringing Dialogic Accounting to Life: an Empirical Study of Corruption during the 2008 Financial Crisis"


  • ARJALIÈS de la LANDE, Diane-Laure (supervised by Professor Philippe Lorino and Professor Nicolas Mottis): "Institutional Change in the Making/The Case of Socially Responsible Investment"
  • BOTHELLO, Joel (supervised by Professor Marie-Laure Djelic): "From Global Formulation to Local Legitimation: the Trajectory of Urban sustainability"
  • CHOWDHURY, Imran (supervised by Professor Anca Metiu): "Scaling in Social Entrepreneurship: Partnerships, Knowledge Transfer, and Business Models"
  • LIGONIE, Marion (supervised by Professor Marie-Léandre Gomez and Professor Nicolas Mottis): "Management control for sustainability. A practice-based approach to corporate social responsibility"
  • MEHRPOUYA, Afshin (supervised by Professor Marie-Laure Djelic and Professor Nicolas Mottis): "The Making of Meanings: The Role of Institutions and Actors in the Co-Construction of Field Level Interpretations and Meaning Systems"
  • SCHNEIDER ETCHANCHU, Helen (supervised by Professor Marie-Laure Djelic): "The role of discourse, legitimacy and power in enabling and hindering institutional change towards sustainability"
  • SHIN, Hyemi (supervised by Professor Charles Cho and Professor Marie-Laure Djelic): "Evolution of the CSR field: from Transnational CSR Governance to CSR Professionals in South Korea"

--- In Progress

  • KERVEILLANT, Marie (supervised by Professor Philippe Lorino): "The Construction and Mobilization of Civil Society and its Impact on Risk Governance within the Nuclear Industry"

  • BADJI, Samia (supervised by Professor Olivier Donni and Professor Christelle Dumas ): "Human Capital Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa"
  • EL KALLAB, Tania (supervised by Professor Estefania Santacreu-Vasut): "The Colonial Origins of French Trade patterns"
  • PEIA, Oana (supervised by Professor Radu Vranceanu and Professor Guillaume Chevillon): "The Societal Impact of Financial Sectors: Long Term Effects on Economic Growth"
  • WU, Yun (supervised by Professor Estefania Santacreu-Vasut): "Essays on Microfinance"
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