From 2015 to 2016 :

Brownbag Seminars (BBS)

The Two Faces of the Wizard: Constructing Corporate Social Action in the Land of Poverty
15 Juin 2016 / Jan Lepoutre (Associate Professor at ESSEC)

Families, Firms, Philanthropy: A cross-national comparison of responses to institutional complexity
11 May 2016 / Joel Bothello (Assistant Professor at King's College London) & Arthur Gautier (Ingénieur de Recherche at ESSEC)

The audit court society: Applying an Eliasan theoretical framework to the analysis of the up-or-out system in audit firms
13 April 2016 / Sébastien Stenger (Assistant Professor at ISG)

Magazines and the Making of America: Community, Modernization, and Print Culture, 1741-1860
9 March 2016 / Heather Haveman (Professor at Berkeley & ESSEC 2016 Renown Researcher)

Institutionalization as stabilization of a complex assemblage: Insights from activity theory
17 February 2016 / Bernard Leca (Professor at ESSEC)

The Ghost in the Closet: Parentalism in Modern Business Relations
20 January 2016 / Helen Etchanchu (PhD candidate at ESSEC)

Bridging Institutional Dynamics of Standardization: A Multilevel Study of Environmental, Social and Governance Rating Agencies
16 December 2015 / Emma Avetisyan (Assistant Professor at Audencia)

Management control tools in the formation of a new practice: Incorporating corporate social responsibility in a gambling company
18 November 2015 / Marion Ligonie (PhD candidate at ESSEC)

The Proxy Advisor and the Three Ages of Transparency in Corporate Governance: Activist, Business and Imposed
7 October 2015 / Damien Lambert (PhD candidate at ESSEC)


Discursive (de)legitimation of restructuring during workplace conflicts : The case of London Underground (C2G2 / Accounting department)
20 October 2015 / Doris Merkl-Davies (Bangor University)

From 2012 to 2013 :

Globalization and the Return of Geography (C2G2 / ESSEC Asia Pacific)
21-22 février 2013 / Coordination : Marie-Laure Djelic

The Impact of Organizational and Management Control on People’Live
18 mars 2013 / Coordination : Département Comptabilité & Contrôle de Gestion 

Séminaires de recherche (Management & Society Research Hub / C2G2)
30 mai 2013 / Ed Freeman (University of Virginia)
"5 Challenges to Stakeholder Theory"

From 2011 to 2012 :

The Role of Business in Society and the Pursuit of the Common Good
8/9 mars 2012 / First International Workshop
Séminaire collectif du corps professoral
Coordination : Hamid Bouchikhi et Radu Vranceanu

Diversité et durabilité des modèles agricoles coopératifs dans un contexte de crises de la mondialisation
6/7 novembre 2012 / Coordination : René Mauget et Francis Declerck